Wolfric Styler

Troubled Zen, Wolfric Styler’s debut book now available in paperback and e-book


Having survived some of the worst warzones in modern history, Ex-EOD operator, Zenobia Ortega Martinez opts for the quiet life in Australia. That is until she is caught in the crossfire of cartels, violence and revenge. She will need all of her skills and instincts to survive and protect the people she loves. Running away has never been an option.

About Wolfric Styler
  • Grew up in Brisbane, Australia
  • Completed Ready Reserve Service with Royal Australian Infantry
  • University in Townsville, Australia
  • Lived in Dublin, Ireland
  • Worked in media agency in Brisbane, Australia
  • Served for 12 years in the Royal Engineers working in Germany, Poland, UK, Kenya, Falkland Islands, Austria, Cyprus, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Canada and Afghanistan
  • Married to Spanish wife with one son
  • Returned to Australia and worked as a tow truck driver and in child development
  • Part-time novelist

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Print image can be purchased at https://www.cranstonfinearts.com/war-in-afghanistan.php?V=2

Check out Zenobia’s fashion at Life Low-Key

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